BC Children’s Hospital Pre-Gala Kick-Off Event

On March 7, 2020, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation will be auctioning off world-renowned contemporary artist Patrick Hughes’ Andy, Jeff, Damien at the 25th annual For Children We Care gala.
Since 1995, this signature gala has received tremendous support from the Chinese Canadian community, raising over $21 million to help safeguard the health of kids across BC.
To mark this milestone year, the gala’s long-time supporter Christian Chia, CEO of OpenRoad Auto Group, and his wife Carol Chia has generously donated this original Patrick Hughes work in support of BC Children’s Hospital.
This year’s gala will raise critical funds for BC Children’s Hospital’s world-class orthopedic team. Funds will help build a comprehensive research program that will advance the best care, treatments and surgical techniques for kids, and provide the critical equipment needed to continue operating on the front lines of innovation.
The advance bidding of Hughes’ masterpiece is just the first step of many in the gala’s efforts to help this leading group of experts in their quest to transform even more lives.
Bids received at the preview will be carried forward to the gala on March 7 where the live auction will conclude bidding.

卑诗省儿童医院基金会将于2020年3月7日举行第二十五届天下父母心慈善晚宴。当晚将拍卖当代超现实主义的英国艺术家帕特里克·休斯(Patrick Hughes) 的作品《安迪·杰夫·达米恩》(Andy,Jeff,Damien) ,为儿童医院募款。
今年晚宴将迎来第二十五周年,为了纪念这个里程碑,卑诗省最大汽车经销商集团OpenRoad Auto Group行政总裁Christian Chia与其夫人Carol Chia,同时身为儿童医院的长期支持者,慷慨捐赠了这副极有收藏价值的作品,为推进儿童护理尽一份心。
即日起截至晚宴当日,休斯的代表性作品安迪·杰夫·达米恩》(Andy,Jeff,Damien)将在 Elan Fine Art Gallery 展示。有意竞标者可透过画廊优先投标,助天下父母心晚宴向筹款目标跨出第一步,并协助儿童医院骨科团队能继续发展创新与精进的技术,改善更多病童的一生。

Daniel Mullen ‘In A Realm of Luminescence’

In a Realm of Luminescence
September 28th – November 16th, 2019

Elan Fine Art is thrilled to present Amsterdam-based artist Daniel Mullen in his first major Canadian exhibition. Mullen describes himself as a “devoted craftsman”, who meticulously creates his works without digital or mechanical aid.

When you wake up tomorrow, imagine you could vividly see the sound of gentle raindrops cascading from the sky, falling in tainted silence, tumbling through rustling leaves, the sound of mournful cooing of a dove in the distance, interrupted by the abrupt cawing of a willful crow, and the sound of methodical lapping of tires on the wet asphalt of a passing car. They display a mirage of colours in front of your eyes, colours you have never been able to put words to, subtle colour variations you see in Daniel Mullen’s paintings.

Some of Mullen’s paintings are an exploration of his wife, filmmaker Lucy Cordes Engelman’s gift of conjoined sensory illusion called Synesthesia. By blending colour relationships with lines, Daniel Mullen arouses the viewer’s perception of space by employing an abstract language of lines and geometric shapes to create optical phenomena that appears kinetic or three-dimensional, these layered images of shapes appear to be either protruding or receding from an illusionary space. His works convey a kinetic energy that engages our eyes with the dynamism of his works, while bringing a tempered sense of structure and balance.

Paul Kyle, owner of Elan Fine Art and gallerist for over four decades says that these works are passionate, inspiring paintings that demand engagement, and that they encompass what he personally seeks in art – beauty and elegance. He feels these works offer an opportunity for collectors to get in at an early stage of an already embraced internationally acknowledged artist. Daniel Mullen is rapidly gaining international prestige, from London to New York, recently having his first museum exhibition in Berlin, and a completely sold-out show in Sao Paulo this year. Mullen’s paintings are compared to Jesus Soto’s three-dimensional works, they reveal light ignited by inward desire, for they are paintings that explore the density of sparsity, of weightlessness, emptiness, and carry romantic notions of luminescence, rather than seeking for analogies of an abstract concept in the science of visual language.