Vancouver-based artist Charlotte Wall has been involved in exhibition and public projects since 1999. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr and studied education, music, literature, multi-culturalart practices and commercial design.


I grew up around a table. Truly. It was a large, round oak table. It was in the kitchen. There was a living room, bedrooms, a bathroom in the house, but for the most part and perhaps even overwhelmingly, we gathered, ate, lived, spoke, engaged, arrived and became present to ourselves and to each other at that table.
At the oak table, beliefs were expressed, not imposed. This is how I remember it. In this space I knew I could openly express what I felt and what I thought. It was a space that encouraged fluidities, multiple experiences, juxtaposed narratives, but, above all free communication.
In other parts of my world, however, I encountered a much different attitude. A didactic stance with a linear direction and an uncompromising infliction with no possibility for engagement or true opportunity for disagreement.
A tightly confining narrative.
So perhaps in some way my art, my installations especially, are a simple, yet forceful rejection of such confining narratives; an affirmation of the freedom of thought that I first experienced around the oak table. My attempt, however, is to build upon and go beyond the limitations of even those first dialogues.
I aim to invite individuals to enter a carefully configured yet inhabitable space, beyond the frailties of the verbal language; one that acts as a space and a vehicle for different perspectives.
Through a deliberate juxtaposition of materials with specific qualities, the participant is encouraged to interpret the inter-relationships without prescribing a fixed emotional or intellectual direction. This allows the participants to define and form their own narrative from the experience.
Sculpture allows me to utilize a three-dimensional mode of thinking where each surface can register multiple aspects of the work. The viewer’s perspective also creates other compositions of these elements.
To have a cohesive view of the world there must be an interest in all its components.


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