Sonya Series



Primarily a sculptor and installation artist, Charlotte Wall’s recent work, experiments with 3 dimensional forms within a one dimensional field. Having met a Japanese textile artist a few years ago in Vancouver, an arrangement was made between the two artists to meet in Kyoto at her studio. Ideas were exchanged, related textiles carefully examined and the thoughts generated from those ideas brought about the multi layered canvases entitled “The Sonya Series”.
Through the introduction of depth and colour, lines drawn on a flat field, are motivated to recede and protrude.

Above Images: 
"Renaissance", 2019, 36" x 36", Paint & assorted yarn
"Ming Dynasty", 2019, 36" x 36", Paint & assorted yarn
"Renaissance", 2019, 36" x 36", Paint & assorted yarn
"Delft", 2019, 36" x 36", Paint & assorted yarn

In this series, the canvas surface is painted or covered with gold leaf and then additional dimensions are achieved by adding multiple layers of textile yarns. Consequently, the lines become webs of layering, building a complex maze that simultaneously conceals and reveals.


Above Image:
"Window I and II", 2019, 15" x 60", Paint & assorted yarn

The resulting density of the images bring to mind tapestries and story telling from cultures and periods of history rich in colour and design. There is an element of hidden knowledge and unknown secrets imbedded in the many overlapping lines. This prompts an enquiry into the significance and language of the pieces.


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