Ad Reinhardt

Laser Engraved Gloss Black Acrylic on Maple Wood Frame
Edition of 5
48″ x 48″

This takes the black void of Reinhardt late paintings and precisely translates it into Base64. The letters and numbers are transmediation of “Abstract Painting”, 1963, at the New York MOMA. The stalemate of blackness that Reinhardt seemed to be arriving at is replaced here with a similarly desolate visual, but of letters and numbers, this time pushing past his wall and far into 21 century cyberspace. There is inherent movement, of the speed of light instead of the stillness of the canvas, and the piece takes on other oppositions to the work such as a shininess that Reinhardt went to great lengths to avoid. It lauds the surface plane and its converse: the notion of ‘void’ and ‘window’.

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